• Lenguax™ Raters

    You can rely on our centrally located and fully trained English Language Experts and Subject Matter Experts.

  • Valid & Reliable

    The TEAC® is subjected to a range of validity arguments using a combination of complex statistical analysis.

  • Centrally Managed

    We take care of everything, all you need is a person to manage a the testing environment, we do everything else.


For CAAs, ANSPs, Airlines and Academies

5 Varieties

There are five versions of the TEAC® available, each having being rigorously examined by subject matter experts and linguistics experts in irder to adequately reflect different operational work domains.

  • Commercial Pilots.

  • Ground and Tower Controllers.

  • Approach Controllers.

  • Area Controllers.

  • ADP Drivers.

TEAC® Specifications

Detailed Test specifications for TEAC® can be found here.